Blueberry Lambsbread (Bubble Hash)

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Hashy Hands solventless Bubble Hash is made with Destiny Grow Systems premium flower to create a high full spectrum product. Using only the very best flower, Trichomes are removed in a manor preserving their integrity and life force. Hashy Hands combines this material together forming yet another award winning product. This is a high-quality, high-grade product. Best enjoyed with a Glass Pipe/ or combined with Flower and rolled in a joint.

Blueberry Lambsbread is an uplifting hybrid strain that folds together genetics from Jamaican Lamb’s Bread and Blueberry. Invigorating, creative effects are lightly anchored by mellow relaxation, making Blueberry Lambsbread a good choice for day or evening use. Earthy and woody notes mingle with a sweet berry aroma passed down from its Blueberry parent.
-Processed By Hashy Hands-

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