Leafly’s Guide to Legal, Same-Day Cannabis Delivery Options Across Canada

Now that cannabis has been legalized for recreational purposes in Canada, the stuff should be easy to find, right? While the country has been dealing with supply shortages, the industry rumbles along and does what it can to provide access to adults from coast to coast.

Between recreational and medical cannabis, Canadians now have the ability to access their cannabis with same-day delivery. Sure, it’s not as fun as being able to walk into a store and ask questions, but when your weed starts taking less time to get to your place than an Amazon Prime shipment, that can really be satisfying.

Third-party logistics companies such as Pineapple Express Delivery typically operate the same-day delivery services on behalf of legal cannabis producers and sellers. Orders must be placed by a certain time, and sometimes you can select a 2-hour window to receive it in. Otherwise, you should expect to receive your product sometime in the evening, and you will have to show a piece of government-issued photo ID at the door….

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