Canada’s First Cannabis Clones Are For Sale Online Now

Canada’s most easterly province is the first to sell adult-use cannabis clones through its provincial cannabis board.
So far, clones are only available for sale online, according to the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC). CannabisNL, which is selling the clones online, is a division of the NLC.

The eight varieties available for sale have THC concentrations ranging from eight to 24%, and CBD concentrations ranging from zero to 11%.
The plants, supplied by Eve & Co. through its subsidiary Natural MedCo Ltd., retail for $39.99 each though it costs about double that to get one delivered. Shipping from Strathroy, ON is $35 and sales taxes must also be added.
According to the federal Cannabis Act, a person aged 19 or older can possess up to four cannabis plants per household.

Surprise at December availability
The news of the availability of the clones was unexpected, says Jackson McLean, assistant manager of The Seed Co. by E.W. Gaze in St. John’s.
“I was surprised that it happened so soon, based on what I’ve been told leading up to this,” McLean said. He had heard varied information leading up to the news of the release of the clones, but his best understanding was to expect plants in April, he said……

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