How to Prevent Pests in Your Indoor Cannabis Garden

Any grower who has dealt with a pest infestation in their cannabis garden will tell you that recovering from it is an uphill battle. Cleaning a grow space mid-cycle is painstaking, requiring hours of additional labor alongside increased costs all for a damaged crop.

Once a pest outbreak has occurred in your garden, plants are much less likely to produce to their full potential as they have been spending excessive amounts of energy protecting themselves. The stress will stunt a plant’s growth and vigor, resulting in lower yields and damaged buds.

However, pest-proofing your garden from the start is simple and easy. Below are a few strategies that will help give you the upper hand against pests.

Securing Your Grow Space

Building a secure grow space is imperative to protecting your crop from pests. A well-built grow room will provide a impenetrable barrier between your plants and the outside world.

When constructing your grow space, the two most important questions to consider are:

  • Is the room is sealed off from the outside environment?
  • How easy the room is to clean?

Mylar is an excellent option for both of these needs. The white or silver reflective material is easy to clean and apply around the walls of your room. Just be sure to take accurate measurements and overlap the edges. When considering a doorway, you can either build a frame for an actual door or buy a zipper that can attach to the mylar walls.

While constructing your own space allows room for customization, grow tents are increasingly popular and available in numerous dimensions. A quality grow tent offers no loose ends and gives you protection from the start without any guesswork….

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