11 Deep Thoughts From Elon Musk’s Talk With Joe Rogan

Well, many of us know what we’re doing after work today: packing a bowl, kicking back, and watching Elon Musk hit the blunt and talk space-faring, Mars, and alternate realities with Joe Rogan and his 30 million listeners.

The embattled billionaire—founder of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX—sat down earlier this week for a relaxed, funny, wide-ranging two-and-a-half-hour interview on the Joe Rogan podcast, which went live on Friday.
The mainstream media has gone crazy over Musk’s tokin’ appearance. The Wall Street Journal led with the story on its mobile platform this morning. The New York Times hit it in its Dealbook brief. Twitter is aflame with hot takes. In the morning, Tesla’s chief of accounting, hired only a few weeks ago, announced his departure. Hours into the trading day, Tesla’s stock had fallen nearly 10 percent.
America, chill. What, two people can’t talk politely while having a delightful, thoughtful session anymore? I’ve watched the entire thing and I’d rather do that again than hang out on Twitter. Here are 11 dab-worthy thoughts from the Musk-Rogan encounter.

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