Justin Trudeau Has Announced The Date For Cannabis Legalization

It’s here! Recreational cannabis will officially be legal in Canada — the first G7 country to do so — on October 17, 2018 according to the Toronto Star. Starting on that date, both cannabis oil and various strains of cannabis flower will be available. Edibles and concentrates will come at a later date.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the date in the House of Commons on June 20. On Tuesday, the Senate approved the Liberals’ Cannabis Act after some back-and-forth over amendments to the plan.

Not that members of the government seem to be overly stoked to get their hands on some. After yesterday’s historic, exciting results, the Prime Minister emphasized the government’s focus on eliminating the black market — not necessarily encouraging us all to go out and celebrate with high-grade sativa that matches our excitement.

Written By Kate Robertson
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