Canadian Government Rejects 13 Changes to Cannabis Act

The federal Liberal government is rejecting more than a dozen Senate amendments to its landmark law to legalize cannabis, including the upper chamber’s efforts to further limit—or ban outright—the ability to cultivate cannabis at home.

In a motion put before the House of Commons, the Liberals say they can’t support a Senate amendment that would allow provinces to ban home cultivation of cannabis, arguing that the bill already gives provinces and territories the ability to impose their own restrictions.
The original legislation, once passed, would allow up to four cannabis plants per dwelling.
Quebec and Manitoba have already chosen to prohibit homegrow, but the amendment would have erased the possibility of legal challenges to their constitutional authority to do so.
The government argues it is “critically important” to permit Canadians to grow cannabis at home in order to support the Cannabis Act’s explicit goal of shutting down the illegal market.

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